Unit Assignment
As a PO, I want to be able to assign a client to a unit and room so that they have somewhere to stay while they are detained

From any screen, click the Detention module, hover over Client Record, and click Unit/SHU Assign Summary

(There should be at least one assignment already. This is auto generated on entrance to a detention facility)

To create a new unit assignment, click New

This will bring up the current unit to which the client is assigned

To change the unit, select the new unit from the dropdown "Units"

To assign the client to a bed in this unit, select an available bed from the list

Fill out at least the "Date Assigned" and "Time Assigned" and click Confirm

Now the client is assigned to that bed (the little black figure)

The header for the client should now show the updated facility (if it does not, just re-search the client)